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Pastor Tony Collins serves up a publication that puts equal weight on God, the church leader, and the congregation in ‘Ten Things Every Church Member Should Know’.

Church membership is an important part of being a Christian.  Growing in one’s spirituality in the company of other believers mimics the journey of the disciples, and having a local support system of people who share one’s values and beliefs is an integral part of being a Christian.  In Ten Things Every Church Member Should Know, Pastor Anthony Collins explores the relationship of church members to God, their ministry leader, and, just as importantly, each other.

‘Love thy neighbor’ is something many Christians know from the Bible, but may forget when it comes to real-life application.  However, a church is in many ways a family, and its members must respect and care for one another.  Author Anthony Collins reminds readers that the community within which Christians worship is essential to their spiritual growth and their trust in God.  The ability to serve the individuals within that community, and adopt a more selfless character, is one of the first opportunities to obey God’s teachings. 

In addition to his message of love and respect between church members, Anthony Collins fills his book with a lot of practical advice for churchgoers.  He stresses the importance of behavioral leadership, communication, working as a team, and appreciating diversity.  There is even a portion of the book dedicated to mediating conflict.  In many ways, these values are appropriate for business students to learn; success, whether in a boardroom or church, often depends on a handful of simple but essential values.  Ten Things Every Church Member Should Know gives every churchgoer the tools to become a successful member of their community.

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The Ultimate Power
 Revealed In You


The purpose of this book is to tell the truth in the face of a lie. We have been lied to. That's why we are in the mess that we are in. The economy, the environment, the divorce rate, the wars. Yes, even our dissatisfaction, our frustration, our fear, our unfulfillment and our depression - all because we have believed a lie instead of the truth.

We don't have to live a depressed, anxious or stressed out life. We can have real power, real success, real control over every situation that life presents. But it requires a change in our thought process.

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This book answers the questions, "What are real success and power and how do I get them?" and "If I have all the things that make me successful, why am I still unsatisfied?". The truth is that our present system of power acquisition, success and control is flawed. It does not completely fulfill, nor can it.

The challenge of this book is to help move us from self reliance to reliance on God, with the understanding of who God is, how He relates to us and how we should relate to Him. The book is targeted at both those that do not know Jesus Christ and those that do have a personal relationship with Him, but are not walking fully in their positions of power and authority as children of the Most High God.

The point of this book, to help us all to see clearer the Truth about this world, this life and this Jesus Christ of the Bible, to the point that we change the way we view or think about them all. It is at this point that we are at the threshold of dramatic and dynamic change, from the inside out, to the benefit of the reader and to the glory of The King.

This is not just a book. This is a catalyst for dramatic positive change.


Foreword by
Congressman John J. Duncan Jr.,
2nd District, Tennessee

Other endorsements include:
Dr. Joseph Wasmond
President Living Legacy International
Minister Dante Upshaw
Director of AAM/EFCA.

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Anthony Collins’ 100 Days of Inspiration: for Those Who Have Encountered the Storms of Life is perfect for readers who are at a place in their lives where a little guidance could make a lot of difference.  Dedicated to and written for anyone who is in a transitional period in any way, people whose hearts long for something other than where they currently are or what they are currently doing, and those who feel trapped, 100 Days of Inspiration provides a calm respite from a busy world.

 Written in an easy-to-read and comprehend format, 100 Days of Inspiration is exactly what it’s title says.  Each chapter is a small passage that is meant to be read every day as a reminder that life is worth living and God’s love is unconditional.  Using passages from the Bible to illustrate each day’s thought, Collins gives readers the perfect thoughtfulness with which to start their days.

 Beginning with a chapter entitled “Prepare for Trouble”, Collins gives readers the small nudge of faith that no matter what life may have in store, God’s love remains.  Moving on to chapters that cover the many tribulations that readers may face, as well as the multitude of ways that they can find joy in their everyday lives.

 Perfectly suited for anyone who is looking for a small and lovely way to add faith to their day, 100 Days of Inspiration gives readers daily encouragement rooted in faith, hope, and belief.  Easily perusable and written so that each chapter can be read in order or pages may be opened at random, 100 Days of Inspiration is a light and joyful approach to daily life that lets readers take the Word of God with them throughout the moments of their lives.

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