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Anthony Collins was born in 1957 in Orlando, Florida. While he grew up poor, he was intelligent, personable, with a good sense of humor - all of which served him well. In 1980 he met his wife Gail and they were married the next year and remain so at this writing. He has only two children, Erica and Lauren, both out of this union. He has been successful in his career for over 30 years, holding executive level positions with Fortune 100 companies. He has overcome tragedies, addictions, disasters and close calls. Yet, through it all he has maintained his positive relationships with his family and he has blossomed, by the grace of God, into a mighty man of God.  He writes to help others to see and accomplish what it has taken him decades to understand.  Anthony founded and currently pastors a nondenominational, intentionally cross cultural Christian church in eastern Tennessee.  He also owns a training and leadership development company - TCM Solutions (

Conflict makes us uncomfortable, so many people avoid it at all cost.  However, whenever we are involved in any type of relationship, there will be conflict.  It is inevitable and unavoidable.  The question is not whether we are going to deal with conflict but how we will handle the conflict.  We are going to be offended.  How we deal with the offense will determine much of our effectiveness as leaders.

We must change our perspective about conflict.  We must no longer see it as a negative, something to be avoided.  We must begin to see conflict as a positive opportunity to build stronger and deeper relationships. 

Excerpt from the book "10 Things Every Church Member Should Know"
Chapter 9, Page 79


We must have the attitude of an overcomer. We must not allow ourselves to become a victim, wallowing in our hurt and pain, constantly whining that we deserve better than this. We must see ourselves through the eyes of Jesus Christ and declare, as He has already declared over us, “I am a winner.” We must declare that even in our current situation, with all its trouble and unknowns, we are “more than a conqueror.” This means that not only do we win but we also take the thing the enemy tried to use to destroy us and instead use it as a testimony to the goodness of Jesus. We take what we used to be ashamed of and use it as a testimony to the power of God in our lives. We use the thing the enemy thought would defeat us as a weapon against him. Glory be to the Lord!

Excerpt from the book: 100 Days of Inspiration (Day 62)


It is out of a sense of our inability to accomplish this great desire, protection of what we care for, whether consciously or unconsciously, that all fear is birthed.  This is the place, in the caldron of our inability and self doubt, the arena of human restrictions and personal reservations, that we encounter the stark sense of who we really are.  It is in this place that we allow, if only for a moment, all the lies about ourselves, that we have told or been told, that we used, whether willingly or negligently, to construct a wall of false security and insulation from the Truth, to be torn reluctantly away.  It is in this brightly illuminated moment that we must allow this wall to come down; indeed we ourselves must tear this wall down, lest we die.  Our very survival is tied to our ability, our capacity to own the Truth about who we really are and what we are capable or incapable of doing.  We can not hope to accomplish, what I believe is one of, if not the greatest opportunity of human kind, to protect that which is vital, that which is significant for all generations, without first coming to a plain unadulterated understanding of who we are really.

Excerpt from the book:  The Ultimate Power Revealed In You  (Chapter 9  Page 81, 82)

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